Digital Strategy

An effective Digital Strategy is essential for organisations in today’s digital landscape. As eCommerce continues to expand and disrupt traditional marketing and commerce channels – now more than ever – organisations need to define and execute an effective digital strategy.

GEM Digital consultants are experts in providing digital strategy services, and have successfully delivered digital strategy and digital consulting services for hundreds of organisations, across a diverse range of industry segments.

A GEM Digital strategy provides your organisation with:

  • An impartial digital current state analysis.
  • A roadmap for digital success aligned to business objectives.
  • A defined approach to measure on-going digital performance.

Our approach is tailored to meet the specific needs of your organisation, and we are proud of our exceptional track record of delivering digital strategies that have helped organisations to achieve their key business objectives.

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Digital Strategy

The digital imperative

A unique digital strategy aligned to your organisation's business objectives is essential to ensure digital success...

An effective digital strategy is no longer optional for organisation’s wishing to compete in today’s digital landscape; it is an essential component of the overall business strategy. It cannot simply be an afterthought in an annual sales and marketing plan, it needs to be a carefully considered strategic approach. While the digital strategy and execution may be refined over time, the overarching principles that will guide an organisation’s digital approach must be agreed by the executive leadership team and aligned to core business objectives.

It is essential that an organisation has a clear digital strategy that clearly aligns to the overall business strategy and supports the achievement of core business objectives.

Leveraging specialist digital strategy consulting services can support your organisation to create a market leading digital strategy that aligns to your business objectives, and assists in creating a competitive advantage.

Engaging digital strategy consulting services is an essential first step in the process. It is often difficult to find internal resources that have the digital experience and the capacity available to define the digital strategy, which is why using a specialist digital strategy consulting firm is an appropriate option for many organisations. Obtaining expert guidance on the optimal approach for your organisation is fundamental to ensuring that your organisation’s digital channels effectively support the achievement of business objectives. It is also important to only deal with reputable digital strategy firms (as with any strategy consulting) to ensure that specific digital strategy requirements are clearly understood and delivered.

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Digital Strategy – Case Study

Client: Major Australian utilities provider

Service: Digital Strategy

ObjectiveOur client (like many large organisations) had a digital presence that had grown significantly over time, and management had lost visibility of some of digital assets, content and the overall digital objectives. They knew they needed help to define their digital strategy, starting with a review of the website; with the ultimate aim being to increase the performance of their digital ecosystem to improve customer experience.

Solution: GEM Digital ran a number of workshops to elicit key digital objectives to align to core business outcomes. A comprehensive digital audit was undertaken to baseline current performance, in terms of technical functionality and usability. A digital strategy was then developed to action the findings of the digital audit and to improve the performance of digital assets.

Outcomes: The client implemented the recommendations in the digital audit and saw a significant improvement in website performance within 3months. This outcome was validated by internally stakeholder feedback and also via a usability survey with results indicating a 60% increase in customer satisfaction. The digital strategy was accepted by the client – and forms part of an ongoing digital delivery plan.

“The insights we obtained from the digital audit were astounding. We did not realise the extent to which our website was under-performing, and the report from GEM Digital gave us quantifiable and actionable analysis to improve the performance of our digital assets. The digital strategy produced aligned well to our key business objectives – and was accepted by the Board for implementation.” Marketing Director.

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