Digital Project Management

Critical to the success of any digital project is the management structure ensuring effective governance. Quality digital project management is a key factor in your organisation’s digital projects achieving their business objective, and delivering a return on investment.

Often organisations are not equipped with the skills or the resourcing to manage digital projects and therefore need to engage a specialist Digital Project Manager.

Key benefits for your organisation include:

  • Alignment of objectives (project and business)
  • Project Delivery certainty (on time and on budget)
  • Quality project outcomes (business benefit realised)

GEM Digital Consultants have extensive experience in successfully delivering complex digital projects for some of Australia’s largest organisations.

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Why do you need a Digital Project Manager?

The digital landscape is a rapidly evolving medium that requires a specialist project manager, that undestands the array of available technologies and that can manage the complexity of delivering digital projects successfully...

Good digital Project Managers live and breathe digital projects. They understand the business objective and they are adept at managing the people and processes involved in a digital initiative. They have strong and in depth knowledge of the best digital technologies to leverage to achieve the right outcome. Choosing a standard “IT project manager” to lead your digital project and hoping they will be able to learn the digital technology over time, is a common factor in project failure. Subject matter expertise is critical for ensuring the right project outcomes; so engaging specialist digital project management resources is key to ensuring the success of your digital initiatives.

Digital projects need specialist digital Project Managers that bring together the varying digital technologies, people and processes to ensure the success of your organisation’s digital projects.

Digital projects require a digital project manager that can lead an agile development process; to carefully balance agility and governance to ensure the success of the digital project.

Traditional project managers often struggle to keep pace with the speed of digital initiatives, and the apparent lack of detailed requirements at the start of the project. A good digital project manager can balance between agility and governance; rapidly developing a product or prototype whilst ensuring adherence to the core requirements. Digital projects require a digital leader that understands how to manage an agile development process with continually evolving technologies and standards.

Experienced digital project managers understand how to translate requirements into digital solutions to deliver the right digital outcomes. Part business analyst, part UX designer, part solution architect; a good digital project manager has the capacity to actively consult with an organisation to help shape the business requirements and guide the solution design. They are adept at engaging both business and technical teams to ensure the project objectives are achieved. It is important that organisation’s engage a professional that can lead the engagement; not just coordinate resources and schedules.

A quality digital project manager understands the requirements, the technology options and potential solution; and is actively responsible for shaping and leading the digital initiative.

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Client: Multinational Bank

Service: Digital Project Management

Objective: A high priority digital project for the Bank required urgent strategy and project leadership, to ensure key business objectives were realised.

Solution: A senior GEM Digital Project Manager was engaged to ensure an effective strategy was defined, and to provide senior leadership to ensure the project was successfully delivered. This involved extensive coordination with a large number of external vendors and internal delivery teams to ensure the complex project objectives were achieved. The solution involved delivering critical digital security assets and aligning an Enterprise Digital strategy for the organisation.

Outcome: Under the guidance of a GEM Digital Project Manager the complex solution ($20mil+) was delivered; on time, to scope and on budget – allowing key business benefits to be achieved.

GEM Digital exemplified the Bank’s values in managing the Project through to successful implementation. Through their strong collaborative style they led the delivery of numerous technology partners and internal teams, responding quickly to issues, adapting solutions to our organisation’s needs, whilst always focusing on providing value to the business. Without GEM Digital’s direct involvement the project would not have been successful in delivering to scope, budget, quality and schedule. General Manager, Digital Banking

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