GEM Digital Projects – Further Case Studies

Below are some additional case studies which outline some of the digital services that GEM Digital consultants have successfully delivered for clients.

They represent a good cross section of the digital projects undertaken by our team – across a broad range of industries.

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Client: Information Communications Technology (ICT) Company

Service: Conversion rate optimisation

Objective: This international ICT company had an eCommerce platform that was not delivering the return they required to achieve their revenue targets. The specific objectives defined for the website included: 1) lead generation via a completed “contact us” form and 2) facilitate eCommerce purchase of software via download.

Solution: This project commenced with a workshop to review the digital strategy and agree on the digital objectives for the website. A baseline was then measured, involving a full website audit and analysis of current website performance. Drawing on our extensive digital knowledge, initial recommendations were made to alter content, page flow and change navigational layout. These changes were then measured to assess their effectiveness through the use of A/B and multivariate testing to evaluate the increase in inquiries and sales. Recommendations were then refined based on actual performance to identify the best combinations for each step in the process.

Outcome: The conversion analysis and website optimisation improved the flow of website traffic to allow the client to achieve their business objectives.

“The results were measurable – and significant. We recorded a 62% increase in completed inquiries and a 27% increase in conversion rates for software purchases. The digital services provided allowed us to improve how we used our website traffic and to provide a better customer experience of our website”. General Manager, eCommerce.

Each organisation is different – and website performance and results will therefore vary. To discuss how your organisation can trial conversion rate optimisation services, please Contact Us

Client: Accounting and Financial Planning Firm

Service: Digital Audit, Digital Strategy

Objective: This leading Australian accounting and financial planning firm – whilst having a strong brand and marketing leading position – had a very fragmented approach to managing their digital business. There were obvious social media gaps, poor performing websites, and the clear absence of a consolidated digital strategy.

Solution: GEM Digital consulting worked with the client to validate their business objective and agree on the scope of the digital audit. A full and comprehensive assessment of the organisation’s digital assets was then completed; including technical and usability metrics for all websites, an assessment of social media coverage, and an evaluation of online brand presence (baseline, threats and opportunities). A digital strategy was then prepared to address the results of the digital audit.

Outcome: The digital audit identified significant gaps in the client’s digital brand which was resulting in lost sales opportunities. The digital audit combined with the digital strategy gave the client the information to take the necessary steps to improve and manage their digital brand. The advice provided by GEM Digital empowered the client to better take control of their digital identity. This client has subsequently undertaking online marketing services with GEM Digital to further improve the performance of their digital assets.

“The problem was worse than we expected – and the results provided by GEM Digital, better than we could have hoped for. Their advice was clear and concise, and easy for us, as “non technical” / “non digital savvy”  to understand. The financial return from the digital strategy on the other hand, was something that we clearly understood! Our investment in digital services with GEM Digital has yielded a 10 fold return and continues to deliver ongoing revenue for the firm”. Managing Partner

Each organisation is different – and therefore each digital footprint is unique.

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Client: National Healthcare provider

Service: Website Audit

Objectives: This large organisation had a 500+ page website, that was long overdue for an update. The client’s marketing team had lost all control of content upload and there was generally a lack of standards governing content publication. Some content had not been reviewed or refreshed in 5+ years. The client wanted a current state analysis to serve as a baseline for custom website redevelopment and content updates.

Solution: A thorough analysis of the website was completed by a GEM Digital consultant to evaluate both the usability and the technical performance of the website. A detailed report was delivered which included high level recommendations along with a complete technical analysis for each unique page.

Outcome: The website report was accepted by the organisation and the findings were implemented. GEM Digital also supported the organisation in the delivery of digital procurement services to source the website design agency to complete the significant website update.

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Client: Major Australian Utilities Provider

Service: Digital Strategy, Website Audit and Optimisation

ObjectiveOur client (like many large organisations) had a website that had grown significantly over time, and management had lost visibility of some of pages, content and the overall objectives for the site. They knew they needed help to define their digital strategy, starting with a review of the website; with the ultimate aim being to increase the performance of the website to improve customer experience.

SolutionA GEM Digital consultant ran a number of workshops to elicit key digital objectives to align to core business outcomes. A comprehensive website audit was undertaken to baseline current website performance, in terms of technical functionality and usability. A digital strategy was then developed to action the findings of the website audit and to improve the website optimisation. 

Outcomes: The client implemented the recommendations in the website audit and saw a significant improvement in website performance. This outcome was validated by internally stakeholder feedback and also via a usability survey with results indicating a 60% increase in customer satisfaction. The digital strategy was accepted by the client – and forms part of an ongoing online marketing service.

“The insights we obtained from the website audit were astounding. We did not realise the extent to which our website was under-performing, and the report from GEM Digital gave us quantifiable and actionable analysis to improve the website performance. The digital strategy produced aligned well to our key business objectives – and was accepted by the Board for implementation.” Marketing Director.

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Client: Global Transport and Logistics Company

Service: Online Marketing Services, Digital Strategy

Objective: This was a complex project. The client was in a competitive industry, and had already engaged previous SEO / PPC management providers without much success. The brief from the client was clear; evaluate the work of previous SEO providers – fix the gaps – and develop a digital strategy and online marketing solution that would yield measurable results.

Solution: The GEM Digital Consultant undertook a thorough website audit to ensure the website was performing effectively and to evaluate the on-page SEO. Some basic errors were found and rectified. Internal linking was significantly improved and a range of structural changes were recommended to the client to improve the overall functionality of the website. Online marketing services (SEO and PPC) then commenced targeting a range of key phrases. These were adjusted over time in consultation with the client and based on detailed conversion analysis.

Outcome: We delivered, but it took time. The online marketing services provided by GEM Digital yielded a 35% increase in website traffic within 6months. We continue to work with this client to improve online marketing and website conversion.

GEM Digital were recommended to us by a mutual client. In short, they have been a pleasure to do business with.  Professional, and knowledgeable, they have consistently delivered. They didn’t make promises they couldn’t keep – and it was refreshing to deal with an Australian based online marketing (SEO) provider. I’ve had the misfortune of dealing with a number of other SEO companies that turned out to be using cheap offshore labour, which unfortunately did not yield the results I paid for.  GEM Digital were transparent throughout the whole process, and help manage my expectations about the timeframe for results – we had some competitive keywords to rank for! What I respect most is that the GEM Digital Consultants took the time to educate my marketing team through out the process. The value add was excellent”, Executive Director

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Client: Financial Services Company

Service: Digital Project Audit

Objective: Our client was concerned with the performance of their digital projects and wanted an independent assessment of their digital portfolio.

Solution: A GEM Digital consultant met with the client to confirm the scope of the audit and agree the criteria for assessment. Project artifacts, controls, and processes were then evaluated to determine the effectiveness of project governance. A health check rating for each of the projects was them provided with recommendations to resolve areas of concerns. Solutions to improve project governance were also suggested to improve the management of the digital portfolio moving forward.

Outcome: The audit identified a number of projects that were at risk – which the client was able to mitigate as a result of the recommendations provided. The portfolio manager stated “this saved the organisation approximately $200k“. This client continues to use GEM Digital services to provide project audit services to assess the performance of their digital projects.

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Client: Government Department

Service: Project Governance

Objective: A major digital project for the department had recently undergone a project audit which had identified a number of issues with the current project controls and management framework. An urgent strategy was needed to treat these gaps and ensure project success.

Solution: A GEM Digital consultant was engaged and they began by first validating the findings of the project audit, and in doing so identified some other areas of concern. A governance framework was prepared to address the issues, which focused on; improved project reporting, risks and issues management, schedule variance analysis and tighter vendor management. These artifacts and process tools were then transitioned to the internal project management office (PMO) and staff trained on collating and interpreting the data to improve project performance.

Outcome: After 3months the project was no longer considered at risk – and ultimately delivered successfully. The tools and artifacts prepared, continued to be used by the PMO.

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Client: Major Financial Institution

Service: Project rescue and project management

Objective: This organisation had a key project focused on delivering a pilot to demonstrate new digital technology – that was in trouble. They’d cycled through 3 project managers (from major consulting firms) in 6months, invested $1mil+ with no return, and had lost senior stakeholder confidence. The brief for the GEM Digital consultant was clear: re-align project objectives, re-engage stakeholders and deliver the technology pilot to prove the business case.

Solution: We immediately commenced workshops to assess the current state of the project, evaluated the resources available to support the remaining activities, then created a realistic delivery schedule to complete the pilot. Our knowledge of technology and digital projects allowed us to fast track some of the activities and to suggest alternate approaches to deliver the solution. Stakeholder engagement sessions were then held to establish clear communication about the time-frames for delivery and the business benefits to be delivered.

Outcome: The project status was moved from “RED” to “GREEN” in two months. The GEM Digital consultant was then engaged as the project manager to deliver the rest of the project. The technology pilot was successful – and given our intimate knowledge of the project and confidence built with stakeholders – the GEM Digital consultant was asked to deliver the business case for full roll-out of the pilot,  with benefits for the organisation projected in excess of $40mil.

“They did an excellent job of resolving the issues with the project, and delivering the outcome we needed where others had failed”,  Business Engagement Partner

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Client: Major Financial Institution

Service: Digital Security and Digital Project Management

Objective: Our client had identified significant digital security vulnerabilities across their digital channels (eCommerce and mobile) and needed to urgently improve the security of their digital assets. The risks – with finance and reputation impacts – were significant and required a clear strategy to resolve. 

Solution: In this particular instance the scope of the engagement was clear; risks had been identified and a digital security audit was not required. The GEM Digital consultant was engaged to lead the solution design and to devise appropriate security controls to mitigate the digital risks to both the eCommerce and mobile channels. Once the solution design was approved, a senior GEM Digital project manager was accountable for the delivery of the solution build and deployment into production.  Once successfully deployed the consultant also managed the transition to the operations team.

Outcome: The client confirmed the business benefit had been realised and the objectives of the GEM Digital engagement were achieved. The specific security risk* was treated and the residual risk rating was reduced to an acceptable operating level.

*Some details of this particular case study have been suppressed for confidentiality and security reasons.

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