GEM Digital Services – Case Studies

These case studies provide examples of previous projects that GEM Digital consultants have successfully delivered. They include a broad range of clients, across a number of key industry segments.

Each case study defines:

  • The business problem our consultants were engaged to solve (objective).
  • Outlines the approach taken to achieve the objective for the client (solution).
  • Articulates the business benefits that were achieved for the organisation (outcome).

Each organisation is unique – and therefore commercial results from undertaking any digital service will vary depending on the particular market conditions in which your organisation operates. The outcomes presented below (whilst typical for our clients) are not presented as a guarantee of the same results occurring for all organisations, and should not be viewed as such.


Client: Multinational Bank

Service: Digital Project Management

Objective: A high priority Digital project for the Bank required urgent strategy and project leadership, to ensure strategic business objectives were delivered.

Solution: A senior GEM Digital Project Manager was engaged to ensure an effective strategy was defined, and to provide senior leadership to ensure the project was successfully delivered. This involved extensive coordination with a large number of external vendors and internal delivery teams to ensure the complex project objectives were achieved. The solution involved delivering critical digital security assets aligning to an Enterprise Digital strategy for the organisation.

Outcome: Under the guidance of a GEM Digital Project Manager – the complex solution ($20mil+) was delivered; on time, to scope and on budget – allowing key business benefits to be realised.

GEM Digital exemplified the Bank’s values in managing the Project through to successful implementation. Through their strong collaborative style they led the delivery of numerous technology partners and internal teams, responding quickly to issues, adapting solutions to our organisation’s needs, whilst always focusing on providing value to the business. Without GEM Digital’s direct involvement the project would not have been successful in delivering to scope, budget, quality and schedule. General Manager, Digital Banking

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Client: Major Australian Political Party

Service: Digital Strategy

ObjectiveThis major Australian political party required support to define their digital strategy and support their elected Member of Parliament (MP’s) in the development of individual website to promote, protect and manage their brand online.

Solution: Working with the client’s creative director and web development team, a GEM Digital consultant defined the digital strategy to be taken for each of the MP’s websites, helping to standardise their approach to digital. They also worked with the political party to unify some of the key themes across the different websites to ensure consistent messaging and branding. An analysis was also done of potential digital threats to the political party “brand” as part of a wider digital audit to provide a thorough analysis of the digital landscape. This allowed party strategists to counter negative sentiment and engage customers in a meaningful dialogue in the appropriate digital channel.

Outcome: Becoming a trusted adviser – GEM Digital provided digital consulting services for over 2+ years and supported more than 20 MP’s launch and manage their online brand.

Professional, knowledgeable and reliable; GEM Digital consistently delivered and were easy to do business with”, Creative Director

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Client: Leading Manufacturing organisation

Service: Digital Strategy and Online Marketing Services

Objective: This leading manufacture of Australian Spas needed assistance consolidate a number of digital assets and provide a coordinated digital strategy and online marketing solution.

SolutionA GEM Digital Consultant worked with the organisation to define a unique digital strategy, that aligned to the organisation’s key business objectives. Once this strategy had been agreed, an online marketing solution was deployed to improve the quality of traffic to the organisation’s key websites.

Outcome: Within 6months of commencing the online marketing services the organisation had secured a dominant market position in all key search demographics and had tripled qualified website traffic.

The managing director attributed a “30% increase in sales (year on year) to the effectiveness of the online marketing solution”.

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Client: HR Management and Consulting Firm

Service: Content Marketing

Objective: Our client had a good understanding of online marketing services and a reasonably mature digital strategy, however their use of social media was fragmented and they lacked a clear content marketing strategy. Whilst they were able to attract website traffic, they were struggling to engage clients and build a meaningful – and ongoing – dialogue with their audience.

Solution: A senior GEM Digital Consultant worked with the client to review their social media objectives and to define a content marketing strategy. A content marketing calendar was then agreed which detailed the type and frequency of content to be created, and the digital medium to be used for distribution.

Outcome: Our client reported a significant increase in customer engagement, improved search engine ranking and an overall increase in average customer spend. They continue to leverage GEM Digital content marketing services as part of their overall marketing strategy.

“The content marketing that GEM Digital have delivered has been fantastic. The approach has been professional, and they worked with us to define clear objectives. They have consistently delivered quality content in alignment to our agreed monthly content marketing calendar… So refreshing to have professional Australian written copy! The content marketing strategy improved our search engine position – but more importantly has improved our engagement with our clients”.  Managing Director

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Client: Government Department

Service: Training Services (Project Management)

Objective: A key Government department required guidance to improve project performance within their division.

Solution: 18 Project Managers attended an intensive 2 day workshop with a senior GEM Digital Consultant who provided unique content – tailored to the specific objectives of the participants – with the aim of improving their ability to efficiently manage projects. The workshop focused on lean and agile project methodology in a Government context, to reduce areas of in-efficiency and to develop strategies to accelerate project delivery.

Outcome: Positive feedback was received from all participants; and a follow up survey with the client identified a 20% improvement in average performance for Project Managers that attended the workshops.

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Client: Property Development and Investment Group

Services: Digital Procurement Services

Objective: Our client approached a GEM Digital Director to assist them in the acquisition of commercially sensitive digital assets.

Solution: The GEM Digital Director worked with the client to understand their business objectives and negotiated with a third party to broker the sale of significant digital assets for the client.

Outcome: Our client was able to successfully secure the digital assets to support the achievement of their business objectives.

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